2018 2nd weekend dates to be determined 

Ranch Rodeo

During a ranch rodeo, teams of Cowboys and Cowgirls from different ranches compete in events that are designed to test their skills based on the type of work they do in every day.

Our Events include team penning, branding, cow milking, trailer loading and of course bull riding; all of which provide plenty of challenges for the team and excitement for the crowd.

Join us in welcoming The Young Marines from Ionia.

Team penning is evolved from the common ranch work of separating cattle into pens for branding, doctoring, or transport.

Branding is a technique for marking livestock so as to identify the owner.

Wild cow milking  the goal is to catch and milk a "wild" cow  in as short a time as possible.

Trailer loading is how working ranch cowboys get the animal loaded into a trailer directly from the pasture. The animal may need to be loaded for market, transporting to a new pasture or for veterinary care.

Bull riding involves a rider getting on a bull and attempting to stay mounted while the animal attempts to buck off the rider.In the American tradition the rider must stay atop the bucking bull for eight full seconds to count as a qualified ride.